Alma Junction / Sassy Justice - Director: Trey Parker

Location Scout - Los Angeles, Colorado, Wyoming

Location Manager - Los Angeles

Call of Duty  - Activision Blizzard Studios - Development

Location Scout - Morocco, Jordan, Turkey, Germany, Austria

Newness  - Director: Drake Doremus

Associate Producer &  Location Manager - Los Angeles 

White Boy Rick - Director: Yann Demange

Location Scout - Detroit, Cleveland

The Revenant  -  Director: Alejandro G. Iñárritu

Location Scout - Alaska , Alberta

The Hateful Eight  - Director: Quentin Tarantino

Location Scout - Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, New Mexico

Location Manager – Telluride, Colorado

Echelon  - New Regency -  Development

Location Scout - Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico

Assassin’s Creed  - New Regency -  Development

Location Scout - Budapest, Romania, Canary Islands, Sicily, Malta

Django Unchained  - Director: Quentin Tarantino

Location Scout  - Louisiana, California, Wyoming, New Mexico, Los Angeles

Surfer Dude  -  Director: S.R. Bindler

Location Scout - Los Angeles

Nailed - Director: David O. Russell

Location Scout - South Carolina

Collateral - Director: Michael Mann

Location Scout - Los Angeles

Employee of the Month - Director: Mitch Rouse

Location Scout - Los Angeles

Take Down - Director: Tony Scott - Development

Location Scout - Seattle, Vancouver

Enemy of the State - Director: Tony Scott

Location Scout - Los Angeles


Justified: City Primeval

Location Scout - Chicago, Pittsburgh

Snowfall  (Season 5)

Location Scout - Los Angeles

Homeland  (Season 8)

Location Scout - Los Angeles

Veronica Mars (2016)

Location Scout - Los Angeles

Bunker Hill (Pilot)

Location Scout - Los Angeles

The 1% (Pilot) 

Location Scout - Vancouver, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Ohio


(partial list)

21st Century • Acura • Aflac • Align • Allstate • American Express •  Amica • Apple • AT&T • Audi • Avon • Ballpark Hot Dogs • Bank of America • Barclay’s Bank • BMW • Bridgestone • Bud Light • Budweiser • Bush’s Baked Beans • Cadillac • California Tourism • Cellular South • Cheerios • Chik Fil A • Cisco • Citibank • Coke Zero • Comcast • Converse • Dish Network • DLP • Dodge • Doritos • Dunkin Donuts • EA Sports • ESPN • F’Real Ice Cream • Famous Footwear • Fancy Feast • Firestone • Folgers • Ford • Google • Grainger • Halifax • Hardees • HBO • • Hertz • Honda • Hyundai • Infinity • Jack In The Box • JC Penny • Jeep • Jordache • KFC • Kia • Kotex•  Lexus • Liberty Medical • Liberty Mutual • Lincoln • Liquid Plumber • Louis Vuitton • Lovaza • Lyrica • Marlboro • McDonalds • Mercedes • Miller Beer • Milwaukee’s Best • Motorola • Mountain Dew • Nationwide Insurance • Netflix • Nike • Nissan • Northern Toilet Paper • Oscar Mayer • Pepsi • Phillips • Pictsweet • PSP • Purina • Quaker Oats • Realtor.com • Regions Bank • Revlon • Rimowa • Samsung • Sears • Smirnoff • Sprint • Sprite • State Farm • Stride • Subaru • Subway • Supercuts • Swiffer • T-Mobile • Taco Bell • Tanqueray • Target • Telstra • Temptations Cat Food • Time Warner • Toyota • Trane • Tropicana • Uniball • Verizon • Vicks • Vitamin Water • Vodafone • Walmart • Wendy’s


Marlboro - Ad Campaign Photos

Cuties - PR Photos

Ergo Fit Back - Ad Campaign and Branding Photos

DLP - Behind the Scenes Photos of Commercial Production

Regions Bank - Behind the Scenes Photos of Commercial Production

Spore - Behind the Scenes Photos of Commercial Production

Calypso Perfume - Behind the Scenes Photos of Commercial Production

Dirty Sue Martini Mix - Branding and PR Photos

Justice Bodan Design - Product and PR Photos

David Grieco Sculptor - Artist Portfolio Photos

Dalton Grant - Album Artwork Photos

Almost Honest Music - PR Photos

Ella Dice - Album Artwork and PR Photos

Overnight Lows - Band PR Photos

Patterson's Beverage Journal - Magazine Cover and Story Photos


Co-Owner / Operator / Head of Production / Director / Producer


(partial client list)

Sony BMG Music

Production and Post Production on various video projects including Multi-camera live concerts, Electronic Press Kits, Documentary Style Narratives for Dual Discs, and Holiday Videos.  Artists worked with include: Coheed and Cambria, Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Carly Simon, Jill Scott, Ce Ce Winans, Bruce Hornsby, Keb Mo, and Crossfade.


Production and Post Production for several series of Television Commercials, as well as several series of radio commercials.

Paramount Farms

Production and Post Production for A Corporate Video, as well as multiple videos for trade shows, PR, and on-line use for the largest grower of Pistachios and Almonds in the U.S.

Fox Home Entertainment

Production and Post Production for an on-line video review show; "The Happy Tuesday"

Paramount Pictures

Production and Post Production for a corporate tie in video for the Mission Impossible Franchise and DHL

Fiji Water

Production and Post Production on videos highlighting Fiji Water's local investment in the communities surrounding it's bottling plant in Viti Levu, Fiji.  As well as their conservation efforts for the local rain forest.

POM Wonderful

Production and Post Production for "Field to Table" videos explaining the companies growing and juicing practices, as well as B-Roll / informational video packages for local news use, PR videos, and "sizzle reels" for on-line and trade show use.


Production and Post Production for PR videos highlighting the site's techniques for matching couples. Interviews with success story couples, and Production for a "Company History" video.


Production and Post Production for PR videos and Sizzle Reels for trade show and on-line use.

Greater Good Science Center

Production and Post Production for a series of on-line videos; "Half Full: Raising Happy Kids". 

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