Before moving to Telluride, Colorado in 2015, I called Southern California my home for my first 45 years .

My love of photography began at a young age. My Dad, Hank, has always been an avid photographer, so I grew up with it… at three years old I’d stand on a chair in his darkroom and watch the “magic paper”… By eight I got a hold of a hand-me-down camera, and I’ve been carrying one ever since.

My passion for imagery led to a B.A. in Film Production, and a long ongoing career in the film industry. Working as a location scout for some of Hollywood’s most notable directors for 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of traveling the world, finding and photographing amazing locations for films, television, and commercials.

Scouting for “The Hateful Eight” brought me to Telluride, Colorado in 2014. During the year I spent in town working on the film’s production I met the love of my life, a Telluride local, and relocated here.

Surrounded by stunning scenery and breathtaking mountain views, I'm constantly amazed by how lucky I am to be able to photograph them.

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